The difference between DTG printer and DTF printer
What is the difference between a DTG (Direct to Garment) printer and DTF (Direct to Film) printer? Should we buy DTG printer? Or DTF printer? Today's article will answer you.
TUHUI introduced the innovation of industrial inkjet uv printer into Indian market
TUHUI is taking an important measure to further strengthen the supply of industrial inkjet uv printers to the Indian market, and at the same time develop its support for inkjet printer OEM business.
UV printer application in glass sliding door industry
With the development of modern society and the improvement of life, modern people's aesthetic concepts have changed. The transparency and purity of glass sliding doors always give people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, and they are more and more used in architecture and home.
UV printer personalized inkjet ceramic tile printing industry application
Several years ago, countries with developed ceramic industries such as Spain and Italy introduced inkjet ceramic tile printing technology, but inkjet printing technology started late. In the past two years, many ceramic companies have gradually introduced inkjet technology, and the continued hot sale of inkjet tiles has attracted more and more people to join. Then it led a wave of inkjet craze in the market, and products such as inkjet porcelain plate paintings and inkjet wood-grain tiles swept
Applicable to all basic principles of UV flatbed printers
I want to read this article, you already know something about uv flatbed printers. You also want to know the principle of uv flatbed printer, right?
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