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How to solve the problems in the process of using UV printers?

How to solve the problems in the process of using UV printers?

In the daily use of UV printer, UV printing will inevitably be blank, ink blemish, and light colors. General problems will affect users’ efficiency and printers’ frequency. What kind of problems can be solved when these failures are encountered? Do you go to a professional maintenance department for repairs? We can solve the small problems ourselves.

Common troubles and solutions

Here we mainly introduce the problems that will occur in the 2513 UV printer. TH2513R5 printers have an excellent reputation in the apparel industry, moreover, it is also good for printing on other soft applications. It adopted the Ricoh Gen5, so its printing accuracy can be up to 600-1200DPI, which can make the label more realistic and more exquisite. The machines have four colors or six colors, it is optional. The print size is 2500*1300mm, which is suitable for many printing products. It is an advanced printer that can be printed on glass, acrylic, ceramics title, PVC, cardboard, wood board, etc. The cartridge capacity is 1.5liter. It has an automatic alarm for lack of ink, ink refill without stopping the machines. 

Trouble 1: UV printer prints blank

The UV printer does not produce ink during the printing, and the printing is blank. This failure is mostly due to the clogging of the nozzle/print head or the ink running out of the ink cartridge.
Solution: If the ink runs out the problem can be easily solved. We can just replace the ink cartridge and add new ink. If there is still a lot of ink, but there is a blank print, it may be that the print head is clogged and the print head needs to be cleaned. After the nozzle is cleaned, if it still fails, it is necessary to consider whether the nozzle is broken, and you need to contact the manufacturer for consultation.


Trouble 2: UV printer breaks the ink

In the process of printing patterns, some nozzles did not produce ink. The reason is that the nozzle channel is blocked, the nozzle working voltage is not set properly, the ink bag is clogged, the ink problem and the negative pressure is improperly adjusted will cause the ink to be cut off.
Solution: press the ink, flush the nozzle with cleaning fluid, adjust the working voltage of the nozzle, soak and clean the nozzle with ultrasonic, replace the high-quality ink, adjust the appropriate negative pressure value.

Trouble 3: UV printer print pattern’s colors are light

The faint color of the pattern printed by the UV printer may be caused by the ink is too dry, the ink type is wrong, the air in the ink pipe, the printer's working temperature is too high, and the nozzle is blocked.
Solution: If it is an ink problem, just replace the ink. If it is the air intake of the ink pipe, it is necessary to discharge the air before working. If the working time of the UV printer is too long and the working temperature of the printer is too high, we need to suspend the work for some time and wait for the temperature to drop before working. If the nozzle is clogged, we need to clean the nozzle.

Trouble 4: Ink falls off after the printer finishes printing

The reasons for this situation may be: the wrong coating is used, the printing material is not cleaned and the coating is sprayed directly, or the coating is not completely dry and the printing starts.
Solution: Clean the printing material before spraying the coating or wait until the coating is completely dry before starting printing to avoid the problem of ink shedding.

Trouble 5: garbled code on a UV printer

Phenomenon: Irregular and irregular sprays appear on the screen
Reason: Inkjet data transmission processing error, trolley board failure, data cable loose or failure, fiber optic failure, PCI card failure, picture processing problem.
Solution: Arranging the nozzles can test individual nozzles one by one, eliminate faulty nozzles, replace the data cable (printer data cable or trolley board data cable), replace the trolley board/optical fiber/PCI card, and reload the screen for processing.

Trouble 6: The print head (cart) of the universal printer cannot be moved

Reason: The machine is offline; the nozzle (car) servo motor is offline.
Solution: Press the green switch to connect the computer and the printer; turn off the machine, restart after 10 seconds to reset the motor.
If you adopted the solution above, and these problems still can not be solved yet. It is recommended that you contact the salesperson for a more professional solution. You should describe your problems in detail so that the technician directly solves your problems. 
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